Adult Active 55+ Communities

There are many options for active adults (over 55) living in Northern Virginia.  In Loudoun county there are numerous options available. Some communities are in the process of being built while others have been around for some years.  There are also a couple of in close options in Vienna and Arlington.

We advise all folks interested in new construction to use the services of a buyers agent.  The new construction builders hire onsite sales agents to represent them in the sale.  It is only prudent that you as the buyer are advised by an agent whose fiduciary responsibility is to you - not the builder!  A buyer agent works only for you can help you make all sorts of decisions including; neighborhoods, housing type and contract negotiation.  The builders agents number one goal is to sell you the home and make as much as possible for the builder.  Protect yourself and work with an agent that represents you.

Here are some tips when you are simply previewing new construction:

  • If you are unrepresented (no buyers agent)  and are just previewing homes, do not sign the guest registration.  If you sign in and do  not indicate that you are represented by an agent, it may be difficult for any agent you work with down the road to be compensated.
  • If you do have an agent representing you, please indicate that on the sign in sheet.  
  • Always have your agent present during any substantive discussions concerning purchasing the home.
  • Remember that reputable builders will happily compensate agents for bringing clients to the table.
  • Think again if you believe you can cut a better deal without an agent.  Builders have strict pricing policies, often times it simply doesn't matter if you as the buyer are unrepresented - the sales price is the sales price. The builder is more inclined to charge market rate, with or without agent representation.   
  • Please tell any agent you hire if you have registered as "unrepresented' with any builders.  

We work with a lot folks that need to sell their home first.  If you need  to sell your home, even if your not local to the Northern Virginia area, we can help by referring an agent that has the local neighborhood expertise required.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

If you are local and would like a free no obligation comparative market analysis for your your home, we would be happy to help!

The homes found under each search are primarily re-sale, although there may be new construction listed.  Either way we can help.

Fairfax County

Saintsbury Plaza Condominium
2907 Saintsbury Plaza,
Fairfax, VA 22031

  • Price Range:Low $350-Low $500s
  • Home Types: Condos
  • Number of Homes: 111
  • Resale Homes Only

Right next door to the Vienna Metro Station!  Probably the best close in location of all the communities.

Spring Hill 
8946 Yellow Daisy Place
Lorton, VA 22079

  • Price Range:Low $200s-Low $500s
  • Home Types:Single Family, Attached, Condos
  • Number of Homes:282
  • Resale Homes Only

Loudoun County - Ashburn

Potomac Green 
44499 Oakmont Manor Square
Ashburn, VA 20147

  • Price Range:Low $200s-Low $600s
  • Home Types:Single Family, Attached, Condos
  • Number of Homes:1,400
  • New/Resale: New and Resale Homes

Regency at Ashburn 
17 Rubble Terrace
Ashburn, VA 20147

  • Price Range: Mid $400s-High $500s
  • Home Types: Attached
  • Number of Homes:268
  • New/Resale: New - Resale soon, if interested contact us.

Four Seasons at Ashburn Village 
44460 Chamberlain Terrace
Ashburn, VA 20147

  • Price Range:Low $200s-Mid $300s
  • Home Types:Condos
  • Number of Homes:80
  • New/Resale:Resale Homes Only

The Villages at Broadlands 
Wynridge Drive
Ashburn, VA 20148

  • Price Range:Low $300s-Mid $400s
  • Home Types:Condos
  • Number of Homes:78
  • New/Resale:New and Resale Homes

Fauquier County

Suffield Meadows 
6735 Suffield Lane
Warrenton, VA 20187

  • Price Range:Mid $200s-Low $500s
  • Home Types:Single Family, Attached, Condos
  • Number of Homes:112
  • New/Resale:Resale Homes Only

Four Seasons at Vint Hill 
Rogues Road
Warrenton, VA 20187

  • Price Range:Low $400s-Low $500s 
  • Home Types:Single Family
  • Number of Homes:100
  • New/Resale:Resale Homes Only

Prince William County

Heritage Hunt 
6901 Arthur Hills Drive                                                                                                                         Gainesville, VA 20155

  • Price Range:Mid $300s-Low $600s
  • Home Types:Single Family, Attached, Condos
  • Number of Homes:1,863
  • New/Resale:Resale Homes Only